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Days in the office for me are typically the most daunting. My desk usually looks like a bomb went off and the list of “to do’s” is never ending. If you don’t know this about me yet, I don’t like to stay in one place for too long, not when there is so much to do and see. So the idea of a desk from 9-5 just gets me loopy. That being said, being the boss means I have no choice, but it also means that I can bring my dogs to the office.


How to prepare your pup for a day at the office:

1 – Walk Your Dog!: Please don’t go to the office and expect to accomplish anything if you have a dog that is wound up with no outlet for energy.

2 – Potty Trained Pups Only: Don’t bring your dog to work with one in the chamber. Make sure they have fully relieved themselves, especially if elevators are involved. If your pup is accident prone, it’s probably not an ideal situation for your co-workers.

3 – Hygiene is A Must: A good bath or mist of some dry shampoo is polite to get some of that excess dirt and doggie odour out. Have your pup’s nails clipped and filed to respect any nice flooring and brush them out if you have a shed monster.

4 – No Barking, Begging, Biting: I got these three B’s from the Lazy Dog Restaurant when we were visiting California. You think it is common sense, but common sense is not so common anymore. There is no nonsense at the office, follow the three B’s!

5 – Snacks And A Bed: Have a spot where your pup can have a snooze – bring their favourite mat or bed, so they instantly know where they can park their pa-touts. Snacks are always a great idea for rewarding excellent office behaviour and giving them a task. Freezing something delicious in a Kong is always my go-to and of course, packing your Rawco dehydrated treats!


After you’ve set yourself and your pup up for success, enjoy the work day! Relish in all the pets and squeezes you can give throughout the 9 to 5. Take advantage of having someone to roll your eyes with when you take a bogus phone call or share a hard day of too many emails. You will find that the time will fly by and your list of “to do’s” has depleted. It’s so worth it – try it!


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