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I typically talk about my four passions on a regular basis: business, dogs, cars and wine. Before I went to Crazy Ville and decided to start my own businesses, I worked and lived in the world of wine. One of the proudest feathers in my cap is that I am a certified Sommelier (A.K.A. an expert wine taster). My theory is that if I can pair food and wine, I can certainly pair personality types with wine.

Please enjoy some pup personality pairings with a few of my favourite wines:

Cavit Pinot Grigio – Paired best with a laid back English Bulldog

Like Harley Dean, you can take this wine anywhere and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It’s light and dry with aromas of apples and citrus fruits. This is a carefree and easy-going wine that can go with anything from a big bowl of popcorn to chicken and seafood.

Harley Dean is light in worry and fruity (more wing nutty) in nature. We can hang out together with a cool glass and snacks or entertain the family with a roast chicken. Versatility is a coveted quality in both bulldog and wine.

2011 FontanaFredda Serralunga D’Alba Barolo – Paired best with a broad chested Cane Corso


Both wine and dog are not for the faint of heart. Like Bosco, Barolo requires experience. Opened too soon and not savoured can end in disaster, but with patience and control it can be over the top outstanding. This is a bold and full bodied wine that pairs best with red meats or mature cheese. I prefer to sip and savour this wine on its own so that I can drown in the intense aromas of spices, vanilla, earth and roses.

Bosco and Barolo are very powerful and have many deep layers. They need time to breathe and both want nothing more than to please their master.

Vino dei Poeti Bottega Prosecco – Paired best with an effervescent Irish Wolfhound

This sparkling wine is an absolute favourite of mine. Like Fitz William, they are both captivating, regal, and one hell of a party. Again, versatility is the highlight of this fruity, bubbly delight. Fitz and Prosecco add sparkle to the hum drum of the day.

Both wine and wolfhound can bring a smile to any face, can be exciting, or be as simple as wearing sweats and eating white cheddar mac and cheese. I say, have sparkling wine and wolfhounds with everything!

2013 St. Francis Cabernet Sauvignon – Paired best with a heavy hitting Pit Bull

Cali Cabs are the wine versions of pit bulls – very popular, full bodied and complex. This particular Cabernet Sauvignon is a consistently excellent sensory experience. I always serve this wine with beef to accent the blackcurrant, tobacco, and cedar aromas. You can really highlight an evening with this wine; enjoying it more and more as the minutes pass and the air gives it life.

Living with Otis is consistently an experience in itself. He too, pairs well with beef to accent his muscles and provide him with bulk. The complexity of his personality knows no bounds and he is nothing short of a mouthful. The more time passes and the deeper our relationship, the greater my appreciation and understanding.

Paired with or without your pup, these wines are wonderful. Trust me when I tell you, Christmas shopping and dinner party prep just got a whole lot easier.



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