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How Raw Food Saved Harley Dean. Rawco. Toronto

The Beginning

Life could not have been more complete, the sunny day we brought home our English Bulldog puppy. Sweet, wrinkly, and full of spirit, he trudged into our lives and turned everything upside down.

My better half and I were both working full time jobs in Toronto. We had love, careers and a great apartment, but felt it was missing the pitter patter of little feet.

Since we were not at all ready for the 2 legged version, we were thrilled to find the perfect four legged kind in a beautiful little boy we called Harley Dean.

Harley Dean’s Story

Harley Dean the Bulldog. Rawco. TorontoHarley Dean was all kinds of insanity, and never stopped making us smile. Everything was on schedule for us first time puppy parents, until a dark cloud moved in and a thunderstorm broke out over our perfect world.

Harley became sick, then sicker. It started with diarrhea and vomiting, kennel cough once, then kennel cough twice, and finally full blown pneumonia. Boxing Day morning, we were told to take our 5 month old puppy home to enjoy any last moment we would have with him.

It seemed at that point, all hope was lost. After the longest all-nighter we ever pulled, by the fireside, our little wrinkle ball kept on fighting, and survived.

Harley was always on antibiotics, he could not put on any weight, and he always had poop bum! Oddly enough there was no off switch, and he just always wanted to keep busy.

At the time, our careers were very hour intensive and did not permit us to leave a sickly, busy body at home, guilt free. So we acquired full time care and were introduced to our second scare.

Harley, at daycare, had ingested a cows hoof and on its way back up, cut his esophagus. Back to meds, weight loss, lethargy, and more poop bum.

Before 8 months of age, Harley had cost us $10 000, and now he could only stomach vet prescribed canned food, and he had lost that sparkle in his eyes.

We were broke, and left with a very sick puppy.

The Birth of Rawco

Rawco Boys. Rawco. GTA AreaSo as a last resort I said “to hell with all of this” and took matters into my own hands. I researched anything and everything on the raw diet and going back to what nature had intended.

I created a recipe based on the requirements of a carnivore, and combined it with the super food approach. There are no words to describe the immediate transformation I witnessed.

Harley Dean was reborn, and our new life had begun! Harley is now five years old and in pristine condition, he not only looks and feels incredible, but can walk 6km, perform agility, and play an intense game of fetch.

Because of our Harley Dean, Rawco was born! Harley was not only the inspiration of this company, he inspired me to become certified in canine nutrition, and to dedicate my life to spreading the word on balance and healthy food.

We now share a home in the country with Harley, Fitz the Irish Wolfhound, Bosco the Cane Corso, and Otis the Pitbull.

Join the Raw Journey

The food we make at Rawco, is the food that you receive at your door. Harley and I are here to help you through your raw experience.

Knowledge is power, and educating yourself on the raw way translates into a happy and healthy fur family in all areas of life.

Keep it simple. Keep it raw.

Marisa Pavan
Founder & Canine Nutritionist, Rawco Inc.

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