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You’ve been introduced to all of the boys behind the brand but you don’t know about the Princess in the pack.

We came across a little brown eyed bulldog back in the summertime and she was in a situation that didn’t make sense for her and her family anymore. That’s when she met Marisa and it was love at first sight.

When this little baby bulldog first came around, she was in the stages of being rehabilitated for a new home. Obviously the first step was to introduce her to Rawco which she loves and has transformed her into a brand new little lady.

As time progressed and Marisa searched for a perfect new family, the more she realized this little ball of fur was making her own place within the pack. It took a bit of time and lots of training but now, she fits in like a dirty shirt.

Though she may be little, she is mighty and that’s why her best pal is Otis. Two strong willed powerhouses who are the epitome of playtime!

There are days when she likes to think she is the Queen and at the top of the pack but she’s got a big brother named Harley who always reminds her, she’s not quite ready for that title yet.

She is a sweet, spunky and wrinkly bulldog and she leaves a little piece of her everywhere she goes and her name is Alice.

The Rawco Team

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