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Say hello to our long time friend and Rawco pack member, Archie Brindleton! This spunky, full-of-personality guy is on a big mission to spread positivity around the world!

Archie Brindleton came to us with awful allergies. After carefully examining his behaviour and overall health, we successfully transitioned our Frenchie friend to our raw blends. It has been 2+ years since then and we are proud to announce that Archie is healthy and is taking on many inspiring and exciting roles online and in his community!


Check out what Jordan (Archie’s dad) had to say about Archie’s health and life after making the switch to Rawco:

“We’ve been feeding the kids Rawco for quite a while now and couldn’t be happier with the results. After Archie turned one, his first spring was really tough. “Allergeez” (as Archie calls them) made it really difficult for him and the first thing to be affected was his digestion. He started to scratch at his face and his bowel movements became very loose and unpleasant.

I will never forget how amazing and supportive Marisa (Rawco’s Pet Nutritionist) was during that period. We were texting her photos of Archie’s poop twice a day for a while, and she quickly gave us her insights on how to tweak his diet to bring him back around. His bowel movements are typically fantastic now – smaller, very easy to pick up, and he poops twice daily. During that rough period, he would require a clean-up after every BM and now, he rarely does. It’s made a gigantic difference for those of us who care for Archie and no doubt, the quality of  his life as well.

Bulldogs in general are infamous for flatulence. Archie was no exception until we switched to Rawco. Frenchies can literally clear a room when they toot their “bumtrumpet” (another Archie Brindleterm), but I am not exaggerating when I say, he now RARELY passes gas at all.


Since joining the Rawco family, Archie has accomplished quite a bit. He began developing a following online with a Facebook page (all written in his voice). He now has nearly thirteen thousand followers on Facebook alone and has launched a website of his own, and at the request of his followers, has started to produce merchandise featuring his handsome face.

Recently, he was made the official Fire Safety Dog for the London, Ontario Fire Department and regularly attends public events to help deliver fire safety messages.

Archie is also submitting to the Guiness World book of Records in an attempt to establish a new category and record for “Most Parks Visited By A Single Dog”. In his three short years, Archie has visited and written reviews for nearly 520 parks. It’s not been made official yet, but we believe Archie will be getting official recognition by our City Council as a goodwill ambassador and given the title as London’s first-ever, “Parkmaster General”.

In his spare time, he works as a therapy dog for the McCormick Home Long-Term Care facility in West London and is now producing regular articles for his website and Facebook page in a series called Say “HI” To London.

Archie is all about friendship, kindness, inclusion and what he calls HappyHeartHugs which is something akin to brotherly love for all. He loves all of his followers, his family, his city, the world he lives in and his place in it. We are very proud of our “little man” and all that he has accomplished. Knowing that we have the support and friendship of the entire Rawco team makes us confident that quite literally… anything is possible.”


We too, are very proud of our friend, Archie! He has achieved so much and we can’t wait to see what’s next on his agenda! No matter what it is, Rawco will be by his side to support him.

The Rawco Team

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