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Summer has arrived – bringing only sunshine and good vibes. That means bikinis are out and dog butts are in the water. If you are a mermaid at heart like myself, when the warm weather comes out, the beach beckons you.

Of course, a day at the beach would not be complete without my canine posse. Since we are not in California, heads definitely do turn when you arrive on the sand scene with 24 legs in tow.

Here is my checklist for a day at the beach with your four legged friends (or six of them!):

The Human Staples

[   ] Bathing suit
[   ] Beach towel
[   ] Sunscreen
[   ] Lip Balm containing SPF
[   ] Tunes
[   ] Sunglasses
[   ] Hat
[   ] Reading material
[   ] Water

The Dog Staples

[   ] Lots of water
[   ] Cooler with ice
[   ] Water bowl
[   ] Beach blanket
[   ] Water toys
[   ] Towels for wet dogs
[   ] Leashes
[   ] Rawco dehydrated treats for snacking
[   ] Poop bags
[   ] Life jacket (if you have a flat-faced breed)

Handy Staples People Don’t Mention

[   ] Waterproof collars – excellent for a day at the beach. Helpful to dogs that are prone to hot spotting under the neck.
[   ] Coconut oil – A great nose moisturizer and sun burn preventative.
[   ] Canvas mat – A canvas mat in the back of your car/truck can really save you a sand and wet dog nightmare for the ride home. Remember dogs will also carry sand in places one doesn’t typically find sand.
[   ] Coconut water – Ultra hydrating and filled with electrolytes. Good for humans and dogs. If you anticipate being at the beach all day, coconut water is a must pack.

See you at the beach!


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