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There is nothing quite like an afternoon stroll in the quaint little town of Niagara-on-the-Lake to get you in the mood for Christmas. The windows are perfectly dressed in festive greens, ribbons, huge lamp posts, and little white lights sparkle everywhere. December is finally here – which begs the question, what is on your wish list from Santa this year?

Here is the Rawco pack’s letter to Santa:

Dear Santa Paws,

It’s Harley Dean here, as the oldest brother of the Rawco pack I’m writing to tell you that we’ve all been exceptionally good this year, except for maybe brother Otis – just kidding! If you think we have all made it to the nice list, this is what we hope to find under our tree this year…

Harley Dean

[   ] A new cozy bully bed that I don’t have to share with my sister
[   ] All of the Rawco blends please and as many treats as you can fit in my stocking
[   ] Oh, and please tell Grandpa Lou to sneak extra turkey bits under the table at dinner this year

Fitz William

[   ] More classical records for mom (that’s the only time I’m allowed on the couch)
[   ] Trips to the puppy massage place
[   ] A big bone


[   ] An extra soft blanket for my crate
[   ] Anything stinky that I can roll in, please!
[   ] My very own bag of duck feet treats that I won’t have to share


[   ] Tennis Balls
[   ] Tennis Balls
[   ] Frisbee
[   ] Tennis Balls


[   ] I would like everything my big brother Harley is having!
[   ] And, my mom said to ask for a nice fancy collar so everyone will know that I’m a girl


[   ] 1 can of sardines
[   ] One of those fluffy mouse toys that will entertain me for hours
[   ] Apparently, there is a fish you can stick in a bowl, that I am not allowed to eat (but will try anyway). I will take one of those, or two if they come in pairs

Well Santa, we will be sure to leave some extra cookies for you this year… not the dog kind this time though.

Love to Mrs. Santa Paws and all the reindeer.

The Rawco Family

Tell us what’s on your pup’s Christmas list to Santa Paws…

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