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Halloween is a day filled with all things spooky and delicious! The festive day focuses on fun costumes and candies but we can’t forget about our pooches’ safety during this exciting time. Check out our top five tips to make this Halloween season a successful one for you, your pup, and Halloween go-ers!


1. Trick or Treat Goodies are Not for Dogs: As many dog owners know, chocolate is exceptionally toxic for dogs! Dogs can get pretty creative when they are motivated enough (especially when there’s candies and chocolates laying around). Make sure all candies and chocolates are out of reach from dogs.

2. Keep Dogs Confined, Safe, and Secure: Not all dogs enjoy Halloween. If you have an aggressive/yappy pooch, it is best to keep them crated or confined in a safe place in your home – away from the door. This will not only keep your pooch safe but it will also make the Halloween go-ers feel safe as well.

3. Have Identification Tags on Your Dog: Even the most behaved dog may have the urge to escape through the front door to join the fun happening outside. Make sure your dog is wearing their collar along with their identification tags on Halloween day.

4. Use a Leash: If you plan on bringing the kids and the dog out Trick or Treating, it is best to have your pup leashed. This will allow you to have more control and keep a better eye on your pup. Be aware of treats on the ground and scary costumes that may spook your pup.

5. Don’t Force Costumes on Your Dog: Although dog costumes are extremely cute and humorous for us, it may be very bothersome and uncomfortable for our canine friend. Your dog’s overall behaviour can be affected by an uncomfortable costume, so it is best to remove any annoying accessories that may be involved with their costume. Don’t force them to wear it if they are highly against the idea.


Bonus Tip for Cat Owners: We can’t forget about our feline friends! If you have an outdoor cat, it is ideal to keep them indoors during Halloween festivities. This is the safest way to keep them away from the sidewalk and road traffic that comes with Trick or Treating.


And lastly, remember to have fun! Halloween happens once a year and we should make the best of it. As a dog owner, we need to be cautious and consider their well-being but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves. Bottom line is, as long as your pup is safe and content, you will be too.

Happy Halloween everyone!

The Rawco Team

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