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Being a farm dog is not an easy job but our Border Collie friend, Ellie makes it look easy! Ellie has been a member of the Rawco pack for a good chunk of time now and boy, has she toned up since!

Our energetic farm girl is constantly on the go – aside from being a family dog, she is also a working dog. In order to ensure her health is up to par at all times, her parents switched her to Rawco and have been noticing positive changes in her appearance and internal health since.


Ellie’s determination and hard work on the farm does not go unnoticed by the Rawco team. We adore her passion and enthusiasm. We could go on and on about how much we adore Ellie but let’s check out what her dad, Jordan had to say about their experience with Rawco:

“Our 4 year old Border Collie, Ellie is very active on our organic farm, Echo Farms. If she’s not chasing squirrels, she’s keenly looking after our ewes or on a walk with my wife and son around the perimeter of our property. Needless to say, she burns a lot of calories.

Since starting her on Rawco (she especially likes the Revive Blend), her slender build looks stronger, her weight is just right, and her coat is still farm dirty but has a nice shine. Switching to raw food is a lot easier when you have the caring support of the Rawco team.

Adam, who delivers monthly, always gives us a heads up on when he’s on route and is genuinely interested in our pup’s health​. If we’re not home, he conveniently leaves it in a freezer bag on the porch.”


At Rawco, we focus on providing blends for all types of dogs – from working dogs to sensitive dogs, we specialize our blends to fit your needs. Ellie is an example of that.

We are proud to have Ellie as a member of our pack. She inspires us everyday and we will always support her!

The Rawco Team

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