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Rawco Falls in Love with San Diego
Ocean Beach Dog Beach. Rawco Pet Company. GTA Area

Oh San Diego how do I love thee, let me count the ways… dog beaches, sunshine, dog beaches!!

We felt very much at home in San Diego, so much that we reflected on just staying. It’s a big city that doesn’t feel like a big city mixed with surf and beach communities. There are all different walks of life, two legged and four, that there is bound to be a spot you can fit right in to.

Rawco's view from Mission Bay Hotel in San Diego. Rawco Pet Company. Toronto

Nate and I stayed in Mission Bay at the Hyatt Regency. All the hotels and “tourist” stuff is located in this area, but it acts as a great access point to the rest of the city.

The Hyatt was lovely, we had a room that viewed the marina and sea lions that played on their docks. Harley got his own Hyatt collar tag and welcome package. Overall, it was the first hotel experience we had where it didn’t feel like we were the only ones with a dog.
San Diego Ocean Beach Dog Beach. Rawco Pet Company. GTA Area

From our hotel we were 10 minutes away from the legendary and original, Dog Beach. DB was said to be this magical place where surfers surfed and dogs ran freely, a place where humans and dogs could co-exist. It’s not a lie. Stepping foot on that beach, we sub consciously had “Hallelujah” resounding in our ears.

Hundreds of people and their dogs, doing their thing while the surfers caught the next wave. No fights, no screaming owners, no nightmares… how was this possible?

Coronado Dog Beach. Rawco Pet Company. GTA Area

The same situation was at Coronado Dog Beach (minus the surfers). Coronado was more upscale, white sands, lots of doodles with stylish haircuts – but still a completely harmonious environment.

If two awesome dog beaches were not enough, you could hit up Fiesta Island which is also a leash free, sand dune haven for dogs. Check out one of the many trails and parks where dogs are welcome or go see Sam at SUP Pups and take your dog boarding. The opportunities are endless.

Rawco at San Diego's Lazy Dog. Rawco Pet Company. GTA Area

Dining in San Diego was a breeze. 95% of the patios we hit up, the Deaner was welcome on. That was for breakfast through to dinner and happy hour. One of our favourite places to go was the Gaslamp Quarter – 16 blocks of old buildings filled with restaurants, music, dancing, and art. Equally, Little Italy and Mission Bay Drive are filled with great places to eat and shops to see.

If you really want to go all out dog, then check out The Lazy Dog. This corporate chain is completely decked out in dog theme. They have a huge patio where you can dine al fresco with your pup, a menu just for dogs, and everything, I mean everything has a paw print on it. The food and service was exceptional – totally worth it.

Coronado Dog Beach in San Diego. Rawco Pet Company. GTA Area

Ending our adventure in the city of San Diego was amazing. Harley, Nate and I have been forever changed by the Golden State and have learned so much. We look forward to infusing some California flare in Rawco and it’s new blends. California, we love you!!!!

Stayed tuned! Our next blogs will feature: The Do’s and Don’t of Travelling with a Dog, What to Pack, and Our Top 10 Cali Spots.

More Blogs to Come…

Keep your eyes peeled for more Rawco blogs. Although our sunshine adventures in California are over, that doesn’t mean the fun is over! Stay tuned for new content: adventures, tips and tricks, and so much more!

Also keep your eyes peeled for our new blends:

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