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Rawco Goes to California

Rawco goes to California. Rawco Pet Company. GTA AreaWe all know that sometimes the best medicine comes in the form of equal parts: sunshine, salt water, and sangria. Well, the same goes for dogs, minus the Sangria.

During the many ups and downs of Harley’s health and before the birth of Rawco, we always told ourselves that we would take our ball of wrinkles to California. We thought that if he could indulge in the west coast lifestyle and that very special “medicine,” then maybe he would feel better.

Rawco Travels to California. Rawco Pet Company. GTA AreaIt took nearly six years and Rawco was the medicine instead, but the time has finally come to take our Rawco mascot to the sunshine coast.

The best part is that because of the raw food, Harley will be able to partake in the Cali experience to the full extent.

 Please join us as we document Harley’s exciting journey to California and brace yourself for the first time he sets his eyes on the ocean.

 On the Road

Niagara, Ontario to California Road Trip. Rawco Pet Company. GTA AreaLet me tell you, if there was ever a dog that anyone would want to road trip with, it would be Harley Dean. He just slept!

We packed our Jeep Cherokee to the roof and carved out a cozy nook for the monkey’s bed and blanket.

With the exception of bathroom breaks and sniffing the latest gas station news, he racked up the “z’s” while we put on the miles.

Rawco Company visit the Salt Flats. Rawco Pet Company. GTA AreaNathan and I drove from little Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario all the way to downtown San Francisco, California in 40 hours. Yes we are crazy, but boy was it worth it.

We took turns snoozing with Harley while the other drove. We packed sandwiches, snacks, Harley’s raw food, and a killer playlist and literally drove into the sunset.

Harley meets some locals at Salt Flats. Rawco Pet Company. TorontoThe only “sight-seeing” stop we did was to take Harley and our Cherokee to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Tooele County, Utah. It was beautiful and very salty! Harley learned that the hard way when he tried to drink what was left of the drying lake.

By 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, we were crossing the California state line and taking in the breathtaking views of Tahoe National Forest.

We can’t wait to see what San Francisco has in store for Mr. Harley Dean…

Follow Our California Adventures!

Like stated previously, we will be documenting our adventures with the help of social media and blogging! Stay tuned for some scenic, silly, and beautiful snap shots of our trip.

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