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Rawco co-owner, Adam and his partner, Katie made the switch to raw and noticed immediate change in their pup. The change they witnessed was so powerful that they felt inspired to change their own lifestyle as well.

Fast forward to the present, both Adam and Katie are raw feeding advocates and supporters. Check out what they had to say about making the switch to raw, Adam’s job change inspired by Rawco, and their biggest regrets as first time dog owners:


Katie: I first laid eyes on Wrigley seven years ago, she was the best Christmas present I ever received. An 8 week old Rottweiler, Wrigley was the cutest thing I had ever seen! She made me feel all warm & fuzzy. As it turns out, the warmth was actually this little puppy peeing on my lap but I still instantly loved her more than anything.

Adam: Like all first time dog owners, we struggled with all of the ‘whats’ – what toys, what training, what activities and what food? We made some good decisions and unfortunately, we made some not-so-good decisions.

Katie: We started Wrigs on kibble for the first few years we had her. We felt like she looked pretty good, though she was plagued with ear infections, constant skin rashes, sometimes itchy paws and the most disgusting, soft poops! We researched raw and there was so much info out there – good & bad. I started to feel like it could be a great option but I was nervous about making the switch.


Adam: Wrigley was and still is our entire world. Katie & I wanted the absolute best but was raw the answer? I look back now and thank my lucky stars that Rawco came in to our lives. Not only did it help Wrigley health-wise, she thrived on it and continues to do so everyday.

Katie: She gets compliments everywhere she goes (and so she should, she’s still the cutest WEILER ever!) and she has never been in better shape. One of the biggest benefits on my end is the feeling I have everyday. I know with absolute certainty that this dog who changed my entire life is the healthiest she can possibly be thanks to Rawco. My only regret is that we didn’t start her sooner.

Adam: The transformation in Wrigley affected me so much that I quit my job of 10 years. I realized how important it was that people see what raw food can do for their dogs. I joined forces with Nathan and Marisa to be able to help other people who want to give their own dogs’ the best.

Katie: Now we have our two beautiful baby girls on Rawco and that’s the very least our best friends deserve for everything they do for us.


This is what makes Rawco unique. Our team is made up of passionate and self-motivated people like Adam. Not only do we want to provide your pup with the best raw food, we also want to educate.

With Adam’s dedication, we are confident in our company and the knowledge we are sharing to grow the raw feeding community. We are lucky to have Wrigley, Arya, Adam and Katie a part of the Rawco pack and team!

The Rawco Team

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