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Dog sitting next to bowl of raw dog food

It’s a dog-eat-raw world out there!

It’s a new year. You’re just getting back into a routine after spending a few well-earned days off with your furkid(s). After second helpings for you and plenty of treats for your pooch, maybe it’s time to consider a change in diet. If you’ve considered making the switch to raw food in the past, or you’re on the fence, perhaps 2020 is the year that your canine will kick the kibble habit! 

We know changing your dog’s diet can be challenging. After all, there are several ways to go about making the transition to raw and, you’ll want to pick the one that’s right for your dog. Changing your canine’s food will feel intimidating and nerve-wracking at first, especially since your dog might take some time to adjust to the new routine.

A few Pointers for You!

Dogs are just like us—they have preferences and dietary needs that require specific accommodation. Starting out on your raw journey will be one of the best things you do for your dog—so be patient and stick to it. And don’t worry if it takes your dog a little longer to get accustomed to raw food. Dogs with existing gastrointestinal problems, or certain allergies, will require your love and patience to make sure they’re adjusting at their own pace.

If you have questions about the raw diet specifically, you can contact the Rawco pack here for help! Our canine nutritionist will be thrilled to answer any questions you might have, and she’ll create a custom plan to help your dog put his best paw forward for 2020.

The Basics

While there are several ways to shift your dog to a raw food diet, Rawco recommends the “cold turkey” method: kibble today, gone tomorrow! This means changing your dog’s food completely to raw within a 24-hour window.

Upon transitioning to raw food, it’s important to monitor your dog’s behaviour to make sure they’re still feeling like their doggie selves.

When you switch “cold turkey,” keep in mind that some dogs will experience a period of “detox” after removing kibble from their diet. Your dog might experience a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Runny eyes
  • Mucus
  • Dry skin
  • Excessive shedding

While it may be concerning to see your dog not looking his best, remember that these symptoms can last from anywhere between two weeks to several months. You’ll want to make sure his disposition remains the same: that’s one of the signs that your dog is on his way to feeling and looking amazing.

Some individuals may use the transitional method: this means slowly introducing your dog to raw, which can be ideal for older dogs or those who have severe gastrointestinal issues.

The Food

Taking your pup off kibble is one thing. Maintaining his raw diet for life is another.

Since there are many different ratios for meat, bone, organ, and vegetables that you can incorporate in your pup’s food (which depend on size, age, and breed!), a simple sounding “raw diet” can quickly become confusing. How do you discover the right combination of ingredients to make your pup’s insides sing? 

That’s where we can help you! Whether you’re hoping to expand your meal-prep repertoire or you’re a first-time raw food parent, you can count on the team at Rawco to deliver food that is fresh, balanced, and optimized for your dog. Did we mention that our furry friends love the taste? Our blends are formulated with 85% protein, 10% of fruits and veggies, and 5% organ to refresh your dog’s body.

The Benefits

Although it takes time and patience to successfully implement a raw diet, you and your dog can experience the benefits almost immediately. You’re likely to notice:

  • Whiter teeth and good breath: bones are great for reducing tartar and bacteria in mouths.
  • Reduces or eliminates allergies: you won’t have to keep administering medication and your dog will be more comfortable.
  • Beautiful coat: you’ll notice your dog’s coat looks shinier and feels softer.
  • Consistent stool: soft, runny, and smelly stool will be a thing of the past! Stool on the raw diet will be smaller, less frequent, and may even turn white when it dries.
  • Stronger immune system: the metabolic and immune health of your dog will improve, and his energy will be limitless!

Remember; if your dog is reacting to the raw diet in a way that concerns you, always consult a trained canine nutritionist or vet. While some side effects of switching to raw are expected and normal, others may be a sign that adjustments are needed to your dog’s diet.

Preparing quality meals takes time, energy, and research. Let us meal prep for you so that you can spend more time trudging through snow and less time sifting through online forums. Purchasing a raw meal plan from a certified canine nutritionist will make transitioning easier for you and your pup. All portions are pre-measured and made fresh, making it convenient and worry-free to serve Rawco to your dog.

Let us be the raw solution to your New Year’s resolution; Call Rawco today!

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