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Meet Rawco pack member, Indy! This energetic, playful, and handsome fellow has been a part of the Rawco pack for over a year now. Pet mama, Valerie switched Indy to Rawco after addressing her concerns with pet nutritionist, Marisa and since then, has not looked back on her decision.

Check out what Valerie had to say about her experience with Rawco – from her first impression, the transitioning stages, and the unbelievable changes she noticed in her pup since making the switch:


“Indy (Indiana) is a 5 year old Great Dane, Shepherd, Lab and Retriever mix. Like most first time dog parents, I wanted the best for him. My parents guided me through the majority of my decisions, including what to feed him and I never considered anything other than kibble.

Indy has always had a good appetite, he grew fast and seemed like a normal healthy guy. He would however, have random flare ups of super dry skin and irritating rashes where he was constantly itching and clearly uncomfortable. He also had horrible breath, had phases of being gassy and having incredibly soft stools for no explained reason. My vet dismissed everything and deemed it as normal dog occurrences.

When he was 4 years old I started bringing Indy to Niagara Pet Resort where I met the owner, Marisa! I mentioned to her some concerns I had on Indy’s overall health. After Marisa met Indy, she informed me that he wasn’t an ideal weight and that he was lacking some nutrients that could impact him negatively as he gets older.


My first impression of Marisa was that she was very passionate and enthusiastic towards dogs and their well being. She was very approachable and helped me realize some changes I should make to Indy’s routine.

This is when I decided to change to Rawco. Since then I have never seen Indy so eager for his meals. He sits by his bowls when it’s time to eat and is so content afterwards. He’s been on Rawco over a year and he is still devouring every meal!

Rawco has improved Indy’s overall health greatly! I used to think he was in pretty good shape but after seeing him transform since being on a Rawco diet – I’m blown away! He’s more energetic (which I didn’t think was possible), his body is at an ideal weight, his fur has never been softer and his teeth are so pearly white! His stools quickly became smaller and consistent. His digestion improved greatly as well (as he’s rarely gassy now)!


It’s comforting to know that each blend Rawco provides has all the proper nutrients a dog needs with no filler! Rawco also provides the option to rotate between different blends so dogs can have the absolute best nutrition.

One thing I love about Rawco is not only the pre-portioned meals, but they also provide a variety of healthy and delicious treats! Indy’s favourites are the duck wing and duck feet! I was able to succeed at agility training with Indy by having him on the best food along with tasty, all natural treats he just can’t get enough of!

Marisa and Adam created an outstanding raw food company and are a fantastic team. They both are incredibly knowledgeable and truly care for the well being of our canine family members! They have answered all my questions and continue to guide me on making the best choices I can for Indy. I am truly grateful Rawco came in to our lives! Indy and I can’t picture a day without it!”


It has been an honor witnessing Indy’s change in both, health and appearance. His activeness and appetite has increased in just a single year of being on Rawco. We are proud to be providing Indy with all the nutrients he needs to tackle his daily to-do list of non-stop play at Niagara Pet Resort and agility training!

We are glad we can provide Valerie with peace of mind and reassure her that she is indeed making the right decision for both her and her pup. It has been nothing but good fun since having Indy join the Rawco pack and we can not wait to see what he takes on next!

The Rawco Team

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