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Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is no better way to blow off some steam than a dog jog with my fit pit.

I never pictured myself as the “jogging type,” getting up at the crack of dawn, slipping on spandex, and pounding the pavement – that just wasn’t my jam. But Otis brings a different perspective to the jogging world.

There is no off switch when it comes to Otis, that dog would literally go until his last breath. I have to jog with him just to get that extra steam out. He truly is an inspiration to move forward and go further and further with every passing week.

This is how Otis and I go for our jogs:

1. Stretching and Calming the mind: for us humans, we of course need to stretch. You don’t want to be tweaking and cracking which leads to limping later. This is also the time to begin some controlled breathing and centering your dog. You don’t want your dog to be an excited, anxious mess before you go. You want them to ease into their exercise.

2. Equipment: This is more for your dog. In my house, humans are always first and dogs don’t drag you down the street. Otis is on a standard collar that is the tightness of a wrist-watch so it can not slip over his head. Then, I use a six foot tethering leash that clips around my body for easy control.

3. The “No Nonsense” Rule: The power of discipline and a well-mannered dog is so important when you are jogging. I am tethered to a 90 lbs bulldozer, there is no time for squirrel or skateboard distractions. My advice to anyone looking to jog with their dog is to make sure you get down the basics of walking with distractions before you add any speed.

4. Endurance: Don’t be a “weekend warrior” as they call it, with your dog. Don’t go out for the first time and jog for 30 minutes. You need to train for speed and build endurance, dogs are no different. Start with intervals, 5 minute walk to 5 minute jog, then start to extend that jogging time until you are just jogging. This allows for your dog to keep pace and work with you instead of against you.

5. Enjoy it: Don’t forget to smile and relish in this great bonding activity. Your four legged teammate’s encouragement is unconditional. Remember to praise and congratulate your buddy for the awesome work out.

So go out and get your groove on. Don’t be shy to step out of your element and give it a try. You will always have Otis and I here to give you pointers.


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