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The energy of the forest is like the energy of the ocean, cosmic and overwhelming. I ask myself how can a place be so still, so serene, yet so alive? Walking in the forest with my pack answers that question for me.

The moment their paws touch the trail, they become different creatures from another world. Loyal subjects in the grand kingdom that is the forest. It’s like watching a dance when they move, gracefully navigating over rocks and trees, taking steps as if they have been there before. Mother nature calls to them, welcoming them back to their historical roots.

In the forest everything has its place, from the moss on the wet rocks to the animal dens in the tops of the canopy. There is purpose in the way the light scatters through the trees and the way a stream meanders its course over boulder and cliff. It is one of the few places in the world where time can creep slowly by and even for some moments, stand still.

Amongst all the peace and quiet, there is still a surge of exciting adventure. What will be around the next corner, or through those trees? Can we make it across the water to get to the other side? How far and fast can we climb?

I urge you to channel your inner Pocahontas and find out what is waiting “just around the river bend”. Witness the rush of energy that vibrates through your dog when they are back in their territory. Take one day to go and meet the forest. Listen to its quiet hum and breathe in all of its simplicity it has to offer.

Quiet the chaos in your heart and mind, let mother nature take hold of you, and share the energy of the forest with your own pack. I can guarantee that what you feel and see will bring a happiness greater than any other plan you might have had.


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