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John Wooden said – “Make each day your masterpiece.”

Everyday we create a picture that is scrapbooked in the story of our lives. What you do, and how you start each day can really make or break the scenery when you look back.

A year ago in August, I bought my first home. The master bedroom is large and airy, painted in a soft, silvery white with a balcony that overlooks the garden. I thought to myself when I saw it for the first time: “I want to start my mornings in here.” Now, it is a sanctuary for me and my Harley Dean and where I recharge to create my masterpiece each day.

In my experience, I find that we really are a product of our environment. I relish in a freshly sheeted bed with a book, a hot latte, and a bulldog. When you put those four ingredients together, you have one 5’2” powerhouse.

Believe it or not, it is a lot of work to be Harley Dean. He is a spokes model, my wing man, and bares the burden of being a relief to anyone who has had a hard day. Not to mention he has 3 younger brothers to keep in check and discipline on a daily basis.

My recipe for a few moments of contentment is not just for me but for Harley too. It allows him to unwind and recharge his battery so he can be the best friend he needs to be.

My advice to anyone looking to create a “happy place” is to write down everything that makes you sigh with relief when you think about it. Always include something that is alive. I find that the energy of something living is always a calming force. Whether it be a plant, fish, or 55 lbs of wrinkles – the energy of that life force can bring you back to a zero. From there, pick a spot and start to build from your list.

It’s so easy to not have, or take advantage of a “happy place”. I can promise that those few moments of contentment and reboot can change a whole day, brighten a business, and inspire a life.

Make each day your masterpiece while being happy.


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