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Inspired by Cesar Millan

Touring Cesar Millan's Dog Psychology Centre. Toronto.

Amongst the hills of Santa Clarita, tucked away from the sounds of everyday life, sits Cesar Millan’s sanctuary. When Nathan and I began our paths into the dog world there was no one we could relate to more than Cesar.

Our Harley Dean was not only the inspiration for Rawco but the inspiration for a cage free, boarding facility called Niagara Pet Resort. We wanted to create a safe pack environment where dogs could be dogs while their owners were away.

Well that is exactly what we did. There were many bumps in the road and hard lessons, but Niagara Pet Resort is a blossoming haven of fun and balancing energy. The dogs hang out in packs all day and sleep in the den at night.

Cesar Millan's Dog Sanctuary in Santa Clarita. Rawco Pet Company. Canada

By some “meant to be” miracle we learned that the Dog Psychology Centre was just 10 minutes from where we were staying. The DPC is a very private place, even though it is on t.v, no one should arrive without an invitation.

If you have been reading this blog so far, you will know that for my free spirited other half, he was going to make that invite happen. We pulled up to the gates, where a group training session was taking place. I hid in the passenger seat as Nate shot out of the car and headed right over to the trainer.

That silence in the car felt like an eternity. Next thing I know, Nate is back in the car smirking, telling me we need to be back for 9:00am tomorrow.

Trainer, Robert and Harley Dean posing at DPC. Rawco Pet Company. Ontario

The next morning we had the entire DPC to ourselves. We met up with trainer Robert Villaneda and walked the grounds of the peaceful sanctuary.

Harley Dean relished in the energy that surrounded him. A magical place of pure beauty and harmony.

Cesar Millan's Dog Sanctuary in Santa Clarita. Rawco Pet Company. Canada

Actually stepping foot onto the DPC, meeting the people, and seeing the dogs that are connected to this environment was extremely emotional. For us it confirmed, that what we believe and what we do is the right path for us, our businesses, and our boys. We left the DPC floating and buzzing with excitement.

Cesar, if you ever read this… thank you.

And the adventures continue…

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We want you to be apart of our travels.

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