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Picking up where we left off…

I had always wanted to see Nova Scotia. Even before the idea of the Rawco Rescue Tour came about it was a place that called to me. Every time a life plan went side ways or some crazy idea didn’t work out, my first thought was ‘I’m moving to Nova Scotia.’

It was approaching noon on July 5th, only hours after Fitz William had taken his last breath. I was shrouded in a vail of fog and sadness. If it wasn’t for my team and the support of Nathan, my lasting impression of Nova Scotia would have always been an empty one. Instead, a plan was conjured up to head to the fabled town of Peggy’s Cove. 

There is something about the simple romance of Nova Scotia that can’t quite be put into words. It really just describes itself when you walk through a town like Peggy’s Cove. 

Imagine a painting or a postcard of a place that looks so particularly perfect, you ask yourself how could this be real? That’s just what it’s like, unreal. 

A tiny town on a rocky hill. Colourful shops and cedar shake homes, salt washed docks scattered with fishing boats and lobsters traps. The fresh salty air and the draw of a dark blue unassuming ocean in every corner. On a cliff side at the furthest tip of the town, a tall white and red lighthouse stands watch. The gate keeper of the tiny towns secrets and memories. 

I was grateful for the lighthouse, I like to think it holds on to a piece of my sadness. The part of my sadness that allowed me to let go so I could continue on with the tour and share with a very social world the loss I was faced with. 

Haven't you always wondered what mysteries stir inside the watch tower of a lighthouse? What do they see on the ocean? In my case, Peggy’s Cove lighthouse holds the memory of the hardest day I have had so far and it will forever preserve it there. Guarding, and watching over it. 


A trip to Nova Scotia should always include a moment with a lighthouse, a meander through a quaint town and the satisfaction of a delicious lobster roll. 

That day I may have lost a gentle soul but I gained a memory of that post card town that will forever remain on my mind. 


Marisa xoxo


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