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We are proud to announce that fashion icon and Instagram “famous” pup, Petee the Husky has joined the Rawco pack!


We followed Petee on Instagram and instantly fell for his eyes and goofy facial expressions. A day at the office wouldn’t be complete without gushing over his photos. Petee fit the Rawco image to the T and we are so lucky that Petee and his owner, Chelsee (of Chelsee Taylor Photography) reached out to us.

Petee is not only impressive in looks but also embodies the ideal “active” dog. From agility to sled dog training – Petee the Husky does it all! With a busy life like Petee’s, it is important to make sure his health is 100% at all times and this is where the raw diet fits in. Petee made the switch to our raw blends not too long ago and they have already been noticing a difference in his endurance, health, and activeness.


Check out what Chelsee had to say about Petee’s health after making the switch to Rawco:

“Putting Petee on Rawco was one of the best things we could do. The pup loves raw but I mean, what pup wouldn’t? The portions are perfect, especially for two people who are busy with work and Petee’s daily activities: Agility, Sled Dog Training, Off Leash Training, Bike Joring, and Rally-o. It’s so easy to give him his pre-packaged portions.

We’ve noticed such a health change and overall endurance spike in Petee since we switched. The best part is the amount of poop – it has lessened significantly! Petee has recently been, what my boyfriend and I call, “promoted” to be added to a dog sled team here in Northern Ontario. The team is called, Team Maligator. It’s a team of Malinois that are currently owned by Petee’s obedience coach.

Ever since Petee was a pup, he was the bullet in class during recall practice. We knew he was meant to be on a team. So, Tammy (trainer coach) recruited him for dog sled training to see if he was the right fit for the team. We’ve been training Petee to pull the bike (bike joring) to see if he enjoys the endurance and pull and oh boy, does he ever.

With Petee being on Rawco, we noticed that his endurance has improved and that he can go without being tired for longer, his hot spots clear up faster than normal, and he seems more crisp with his training. Not only that, he has a wicked body structure now. A lot of his Instagram followers direct message us to ask how we keep Petee so lean. We let them know of course, it’s the energy we put into his activities and also feeding him delicious raw food to keep him healthy and active.”


We are proud to be a part of Petee’s dog sled training journey and cannot wait to see what Petee will be up to in the future. Welcome to the Rawco pack, Petee!

The Rawco Team

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