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It’s pumpkin season and the patches are plentiful with these orange delights!

When the average person thinks of pumpkins their mind is filled with: fall colours, mulling spices, delicious baked goods, and of course, jack-o-lanterns. When a canine nutritionist thinks of pumpkins, a nice hearty dog poop and a sigh of relief comes to mind.

100% canned pumpkin puree is a year round staple and a must-have for any dog owner. Why? Because it is the best cure for an upset stomach and diarrhea!

Let’s face the fact that dogs will be dogs. Just like children, they get into everything and put anything in there mouths. If you are like me and bring your dogs everywhere, there is bound to be a case of loose stool or soft serve that you are going to be greeted with. I personally don’t race to the vet every time my dogs’ have an upset stomach, that in itself would be a bigger nightmare on my pocket book than the diarrhea. Enter… canned pumpkin.

Here are all the reasons why it is amazing:

[   ] Incredible source of soluble fibre
[   ] Slows digestion
[   ] Contains vitamins A & C
[   ] Contains Beta Carotene
[   ] Contains Zinc which improves the skin & coat
[   ] Low in fat & calories making it excellent for weight management
[   ] Provides support to the urinary tract
[   ] The seeds are a natural dewormer
[   ] It even curbs fur balls for all our cat owners out there

Here is what you, as a dog owner, must do to set yourself up for success:

[   ] It’s after Thanksgiving & pure pumpkin puree is on sale, go to the grocery store NOW
[   ] Always keep a couple of cans on hand in your pantry
[   ] Put it in ice cube trays & freeze for easy portioning
[   ] Give it to your pup after trail blazing, long car rides, swimming in lakes/ponds, during a round of antibiotics, after an extended stay at a boarding facility, during changes in season, etc.

I owe a lot of gratitude to our oversized squash friend. It has saved many of my clients from unnecessary trips to the vet and put many frantic minds at ease. So jump on the orange band wagon and save yourself the panic. I promise your dogs will love you for it.


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