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Highway 1: The Coastal Drive


If you are travelling through California by car, the Coastal Drive is an absolute must. Brace yourself to be catapulted into another world.

9Bright and squirrely with Starbucks in hand, we took to the famous Highway 1. Almost immediately, your breath is cut short by the views. Miles and miles of ocean, forests, surf towns, and mountains.

If you take this trip, don’t travel with a time limit or schedule, it’s just too impossible to keep to. The beauty is almost too much that you go into sensory overload. I will let the pictures speak for themselves….


When you are travelling with a bulldog and a professional photographer (a.k.a. my other half) you are almost certain to end up on a wild adventure. There was a GoPro on the roof of our Jeep Cherokee and I was in and out of the window capturing footage.

We dodged in and out of viewing points and high tailed it down trails and dirt paths. Just outside of Santa Cruz we happened upon what looked like a secret cove from the movie, The Goonies.


The sign read “no dogs and use trail at own risk.” Apparently, both points mean nothing to a photographer!
I am so thrilled that was the case because we never would have seen this special place.

Turns out that this was a local hangout and dogs were totally allowed. We spent an hour just in this spot watching Harley chase the waves.


As a total side bar and “meant to be” situation. Nate specializes in auto photography and is an absolute fanatic for Porsche. After one of our cliff side stops, we returned to our car only to find the new 2016 Porsche GT4 parked in front of us.

Nate chased after the owner and turned a scenic stop into a full blown Porsche photo session. Pure Porsche heaven!

Our “must see’s” on the Coastal Highway:

The Mavericks in Half Moon Bay – Look it up, it’s a secret!


Santa Cruz – Walk the boardwalk, stop in at the Rip Curl outlet. We actually met two surfers from Spain. They owned a bulldog too, so they hung out with H.D. while they waxed their boards. Awesome!

7..Monterey – The only place to stay is with Sarah and Evan at their Air BnB, “California Dreaming”.

The best bed we have ever slept on. The views and the town are amazing. Also, be sure to check out Hula’s.

It’s not a dog friendly restaurant but totally worth the fur kid free evening filled with Hawaiian cuisine.

Big Sur – No words… just the absolute dream.

Paso Robles – Sweet and delicious wine country.

8You could easily spend a week doing this drive and the locals are just so nice, they make you want to stay forever. I am now consistently day dreaming of a house on a cliff staring at the Pacific Ocean.

We are now on to some family time in Santa Clarita, combined with some solid downtime in L.A and San Diego. Stay Tuned! 

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