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Harley Dean goes Paddle Boarding!

SUP Pup in San Die. Rawco Pet Company. GTA Area

Oh San Deigo! We saved the best for last.

I have yet to be in a city as awesome and dog friendly as San Diego. Don’t get me wrong, California I love you, but when you are living and breathing dog travel, San Diego is the place to be.

Nate and I had one of the best days ever with Harley that I needed to dedicate an entire blog post to it. We were looking for something active and adventurous to do with the Deaner while still being able to keep him cool. We stumbled upon SUP Pups hosted by the SUP Connection in Point Loma, Liberty Station.

Sam from SUP Pup in San Diego. Rawco Pet Company. GTA Area

For those of you that are not familiar with SUP, it stands for Stand Up Paddle boarding. It is a very popular board sport that is a cross between canoeing and surfing. With SUP you are able to take in your surroundings at your own pace while also getting an intense body work out.

Lots of “ab-booty squats” as our instructor Sam would like to say. SUP Pups is a business dedicated to boarding with your dogs, and what an amazing business it is.

Rawco tries Stand Up Paddle Boarding with SUP Pup in San Diego. Rawco Pet Company. Toronto

Samantha (aka the SUP Pup whisperer) and her side kick, Captain Jack were absolutely amazing. She was able to walk me through a complete “how to” lesson while getting Harley comfortable and situated on the board.

Harley Dean would watch everything that Jack would do. If Jack stood, so did Harley, if he leaned, the Deaner leaned. They had their own lesson happening while Sam guided me through this amazing sport. I have never felt so comfortable or picked something up so quickly, and Harley would definitely agree.

Harley Dean goes Paddlie Boarding with SUP Pups. Rawco Pet Company. GTA Area

We did hit one bump – literally. When you are boarding you have to take the current and boat wakes into account. We paddled out to a channel close to a marina, so boats were coming in and out and creating some waves.

A fairly large boat passed us – making the board quite rocky. Just as I thought Harley caught his footing, he over judged his steps and went right into the water. GASP!! PANIC!! – so you would think… but not the case. Harley swam right over to Sam, who picked him up by his life jacket handle, then transferred him to my board. I kept my cool and learned what to do when your dog goes in the water – crazy!

Harley rode “toes on the nose” all the way back to the beach. What a brave little meatball!

Sam from SUP Pups and Rawco. Rawco Pet Company. Toronto

Head down to San Diego just to meet Sam and Captain Jack at SUP Pups – it’s so worth the incredible experience with these amazing teachers.

Another life changing day in Cali and more to come in the blog on San Diego… stay tuned!

More San Diego Fun To Come…

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