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I would like to take this time to introduce you to my family. These four legged beauties are my inspiration and daily breath of fresh air. They are the four pillars in my life that reflect the different sides of Rawco and I.

1 harley

Harley Dean a.k.a. The Deaner: My Wing Man and Creative Genius

If you are familiar with Rawco, Harley Dean is the reason for it all. Health nightmare to fit and fab bulldog. Harley is the only one of my boys that I have had since a puppy, teaching me everything I know about being a dog mom. Because of this little meatball, three businesses have been born. Hundreds of dogs and dog parents have had their eyes opened to healthy dog living and good behaviour. Harley Dean is my partner in crime and the side that reminds me that I am human, he teaches me to dream big and that anything is possible.

2 fitz

Fitz William a.k.a. The Whoozle Bomb: My Aristocratic Entertainer

Fitz came to me as a gangly 8 month old pup in need of a serious attitude adjustment and body detox. Trained by Harley Dean, he is a pure bred Irish Wolfhound with English Bulldog behaviours. Tapping out at 175 lbs, Fitz has transformed into the majestic and endearing boy he is now. Everyday Fitz reminds me that I need to centre myself and approach the world with poise and grace. He is that stately touch of class in my life regal and friendly to everyone, but still knows how to have a damn good time.

3 bosco revised

Bosco a.k.a. The Scuze: Protector and Party Animal

Bosco represents all things Italian in me. He has a great love for fine foods. He is loud, loves to play hard, and heaven help you if you piss him off. Yes… very much like his Italian mama! The Scuze comes from a bumpy past of bad behaviour and has had to work very hard to overcome his over eagerness to protect. Finding balance within our pack has transformed him into the handsome mastiff he is today. Bosco brings out the “girlboss” in me, reminding me to be powerful, strong, and know when to use my voice.

4 otis revisedddd

Otis a.k.a. My FitPit: Bulldozer and Fitness Extraordinaire

This compact freight train holds a special place in my heart. He is a dog that can do anything and holds back at nothing. Like Scuze, Otis comes from a dark past of bad behaviour and obsessive control when it comes to any form of ball. After years of hard work, Otis is becoming an inspirational fitness machine. He is my jogging partner, paddle board partner in-training, baseball outfielder, and motivational work out buddy. Otis has taught me the value of fitness and healthy activity in my everyday life, and has even given me the confidence to enter a fitness competition.

Every single day I smile because of my dogs and every single day I learn something new. Life is just better with a dog.


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