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Dog Travel Tips: The Do’s & Don’ts



1. Research your destinations to find the best dog friendly spots.

2. Talk to the locals. Hunt down people that are with their dogs – they will give you the inside scoop!

3. Book your hotels at least a day in advance. Be sure to read all the fine print and regulations your hotel has in place. You and your hotel don’t want any surprises.


4. Always have your pup on leash. Unless you are at a dog park or beach, it is always advised to keep your dog on leash and controlled. I could think of a hundred and one fiascoes, from rattlesnakes to skateboards, that are easily avoidable if your dog is on leash.

5. Follow the three “B’s” (we got this from the Lazy Dog) – No Biting, Begging or Barking. In almost every situation when we were traveling with Harley, we were in a public area. It is fair to assume that not everyone loves dogs. With Harley always following the three B’s, we were able to co-exist with the general public and dine on many restaurant patios without any problems.



1. Push your pup to the limit. It’s so exciting to travel and our adrenaline carries us from one destination to the next. That’s not always the case with our pups. Know when it’s time for a siesta or a cocktail break. Give them time to reset and re-coop.

2. Go anywhere without water. Just don’t ever do it!

3. Drive with your dog on your lap, in the front seat. Instead, carve out a cozy and safe spot in your vehicle for your pup to be. Traveling with a crate or seat belt can also be very beneficial if you have a dog that can get over excited in the car.


4. Go anywhere without a standard collar and proper identification. If you are traveling to multiple destinations especially on the road, your pup needs to be set up for success should they get away from you. Having a standard fitted collar allows you to act quickly in a situation, with the reassurance that your pup’s head will not slip out. Name tags, rabies, and microchipping information are all valuable should your pup be separated from you. These two simple things will give the most peace of mind.

5. Let your pup pee on everything. Always take your pup to relieve themselves in a grassed area or away from the traffic of people. We traveled to many spots with beaches, where everyone was barefoot or in sandals. The last thing anyone wanted was to step in urine or even worse – a number 2!!

Improve Your Dog Travel Experience with Rawco!

We’ve learned quite a bit when it comes to dog travel. Hopefully, these do’s and don’ts will help you and your dog on your next adventure!

One thing that we did not need to worry about while traveling was, Harley Dean’s meals. With Rawco‘s pre-portioned raw blends, Harley was able to tackle all the adventures we had planned. Switch to our raw blends and see the benefits for yourself!

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