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There is something very special about the month of May. The days get longer and stay brighter, all the flowers are blooming, and dresses begin to make there long awaited spring appearance. What makes May even better is that it hosts the most ideal temperature for our canine friends, not too hot and certainly not too cold.

With all this in mind, why not take all the best parts of May and enjoy them over a picnic with your fur family?

Well, that is exactly what I did…

Pick a destination that screams spring time, meaning – green grass, shady trees, new blooms and room to bust out a ball or Frisbee.

Pack all the people essentials: favourite snacks, refreshing juice (bottle of wine), napkins, plates, utensils, a basket and blanket.

Then of course, there is the additional packing for the pups: a cooler with water bottles, a traveling bowl, some Rawco dehydrated beef lung treats, and their Rawco raw food.

Lay out like a dog with your dog. Roll in the grass, soak up the sun, and chase a ball. I promise that the best parts of May are even better spent with four legs and a happy tail.

Picnic Perfection with Rawco…

Perfect your picnic plans with Rawco raw blends! Adding our raw blends to your list of essentials will improve your pup’s picnic experience. Not only will they enjoy grass grazing, chasing Frisbees and balls, but they’ll enjoy them all while having a tummy full of Rawco!

Enhance your pup’s health today by making the switch to raw.

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