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At Rawco, we focus on creating the best raw food for your best friend – or in this case, best friends! Chamonix, the picky eater Malamute, joined the Rawco pack two years and since then, has not missed a meal! After experiencing a successful transition with Rawco, pet mama, Melissa decided to switch over the rest of her fur family.


Now we proudly provide raw food goodness for both her Malamutes, Chamonix and Heidi, as well as her cat, Mr. Bojangles! Check out what Melissa had to say about their experience with Rawco and our pet nutritionist, Marisa:

“I’ve grown up with Alaskan Malamutes so of course, the first dog on my own was going to be one. I adopted Chamonix when she was 4 months old and naturally, I wanted only the best for her.

I grew up with my mom making our own raw food for our dogs but being a full time student and working a full time job, that wasn’t much of an option. So, there was no question when I found out about Rawco!


Being able to simply take out a few containers, dump them into a dish and feed quickly is one of the biggest perks. Chamonix was a bit picky when it came to food as a puppy, but since switching to Rawco 2 years ago – she hasn’t missed a meal!

About a year ago, I adopted Mr. Bojangles the cat and got him started on raw food as well. He’s been on it for almost a year now and loves every blend he tries. His favourites are the chicken (Revive) and salmon (Shine) blends, although I don’t think he’d turn down anything! Even my vet says that he has the shiniest coat and cleanest teeth she’s ever seen in a cat!


In April, a friend of mine contacted me about re-homing a malamute and of course, I jumped on the opportunity. A few weeks later I brought Heidi home. She had been quite neglected – she was underweight, her coat was severely matted, her skin was so dry it was flaking off, and her teeth was covered in tartar. I switched her to raw food the day I brought her home and she’s been on the up and up ever since. Her beautiful, long, red coat is so soft and shiny. Almost all the tartar on her teeth is gone and her skin hasn’t flaked in months.

Rawco Pet Nutritionist, Marisa is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to help out and offer advice – she really knows her stuff! They’re all in fantastic shape and are healthier than ever, I would never consider feeding anything other than Rawco to my pups or cat.”


We are proud to be playing such a large role in their lives and providing them with a healthy and convenient option to fit their lifestyle. Melissa, along with her pet trio have been great supporters of our company and we are very lucky to have them as Rawco pack members.

We will always support Chamonix, Heidi, and Mr. Bojangles!

The Rawco Team

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