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Dear Rawco Followers, 

All great journeys and battles start with an epic party. In Lord of the Rings it began with 'A Long-Expected Party' and a party is exactly what we had...

Nathan and I set the stage of our journey with a tropical themed, well-attended, wedding party! It was an evening of smoked meats, funk music and a crowd of our most favourite people.

We were given three gifts on that beautiful day from mother nature that I took as a sign of something great to come. The first, a single Monarch Butterfly in my path, the second, a rainbow over our vineyard and the third, a single shooting star. 

It was a grand event to say the least but it made for a very difficult 3:00AM Monday morning departure. We committed to an 18 hour haul straight to DeSable, Prince Edward Island, where we would set up camp and deflate for a few days. Those days were crucial to setting up the dogs for tailer life and allowing us to return to the land of the living after several extremely busy weeks.

Little did I know that here would be the last of my special days with my Fitz and the beginning of a life changing journey.

Prince Edward Island is exactly what you'd imagine, full of green rolling hills, lobster shacks, deep red sand and an ocean that goes on for eternity. The island hums a very celtic tune and the people are lovely. 

When the tide is out, the red whimsical beach stretches for miles. No visit during tide out is the same and if you are looking for it, the sea life leaves behind a beautiful mosaic of their days work in the sand. It was one of my favourite parts of the island. The dogs would just let it all go with not a soul to stand in their paths. 

During those special days in PEI we learned to clam dig, visited friends where we ate ourselves into lobster coma’s and participated in Canada’s 150th birthday celebration hosted by the city of Charlottetown. It was so much to take in and there are not enough words to get it all down on paper.

Amongst all the beauty it was PEI where we were faced with our first bump in the road for the Rawco Rescue Tour. I will reveal this bump in a future blog post to come, so stay tuned!

I would like to leave you with the story of our most comical moment in PEI:

While visiting a small fishing town called Victoria by the Sea (and diving into our last lobster coma's) we returned to our truck to find that it had been backed into. The accident resulted in quite the scratch and the culprits tail light and bumper had been left behind in the wake.

Significantly pissed off we started searching up and down the parking lot to see if we could spot anything. Alas, not 50 feet up the way, parked in the wrong direction, was another truck with a few parts missing and an elderly chap nearby drinking a coffee on a patio. When approached about the situation, it took matching up the missing light and bumper piece to peel him away from his coffee. The elderly chap, aghast by the accusations responded with “someone must have taken my truck while I was getting my coffee” then went back to his seat and sipped his coffee.

Everything worked out in the end and it turned a fender bender into a hilarious event we are still giggling about today.

Until tomorrow,




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