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An influential mentor of mine once told me that all his great ideas came to him in the shower. Since that very day, two of my three businesses were born while lathering up or shaving my legs. I’m just keeping it real. Some of my best laid plans or hair brained schemes have been developed in the shower, on the toilet or, literally at the top of a massive pile of hay.


Solving life’s mysteries or trying to develop a new raw food recipe goes way beyond the realm of my “happy place”. In that environment, I’m working on shutting my brain down and recharging. In this case, I need to get the juices flowing! It’s like a mother of three – locking her self in the pantry cupboard for 30 seconds of solidarity and thought, while at the same time, coming up with a great idea to keep the kids entertained for the next few hours.

In a world where many people depend on me for answers and look to me for leadership, I will take every chance I can get to shower or go for a hay climb.

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I am a classic case of female multitasking – thinking while doing, putting together next months marketing plan, while applying my hair mask. For whatever reason, it gets the job done. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies in the world, where one can wedge themselves and solve a life puzzle. If sitting on the toilet is your only opportunity to zone out and hear yourself think, best start drinking lots of water and getting that fibre in.


Never underestimate what 30 seconds of solid thought process can do for you. You might find out a cure for cancer, solve world hunger, or just figure out how to work the windshield wipers in your new car.

Where are all your good ideas created and life mysteries solved?


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