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French bulldog running through snow

What’s your idea of a perfect date? Is it a quiet night spent channel-surfing for that perfectly cheesy Hallmark movie? Or maybe it’s a night out with your girlfriends and a bottle of that 2012 Meritage you’ve been saving.

Whatever your ideal date might be, you won’t be surprised to learn that ours involve the great outdoors, a bowl of Rawco, and of course our most trusted, furry sidekick(s). Any pup makes a formidable date any time of year: they’re always up for an outing, and they won’t even ask you for a bite of your dinner!

Best Winter Activities for You and Your Dog

If you’ve been stuck in a rut and dreaming about the summer activities you and your pup enjoy, it’s time to face winter head on . . . Here are a few ideas on how you can beat the winter blues and spend some quality time with your dapper dog!

  1. A Walk in the Park

Walking your pup is for ANY time of year, but it can be hard to get motivated to venture outside in winter. So, try switching up your routine by exploring some snowy trails together! For those pet parents who don’t live close to a park, consider packing up your car and heading out for a dog-park or trail rendezvous. You’ll be rewarded with new sights and sounds, (plus smells!) for you and your dog. It won’t make the snow go away, but new surroundings will give you a boost, and your pup will thank you for it.

We love local spots like the Glenridge Quarry. This quarry has a large hill to run (or walk!) up, and a boardwalk that takes you around a pond. You’ll get a great view of the city and can read the interpretive panels as you stroll along. Your pup will have fun zipping along the trails with you!

  1. Snowball Fetch

Laughter is the best medicine, and this activity guarantees plenty of giggles and tail wags.

Take advantage of the snowy weather by making some snowballs for your dog. Just throw them around as you would any ball. Your pup will love dashing around chomping these snowballs, and you’ll both benefit from the fresh air and exercise.  

If you’re not up to heading out to a park, this activity lets you experience the magic of winter with your dog wherever you are. A word to the wise: we recommend snow pants for this one!

  1. A Dog “Nose” best

A trail of rose petals is a thing of the past . . . but a trail of treats? YES, please! Put your dog’s nose to work by creating a winter scavenger hunt for your best friend: purchase some hollow eggs and place a few of his favourite treats in each one. Hide these “eggs” around the yard or take them to the park with you. Keep in mind that the hiding part will be tough for you . . . have you ever tried getting a treat past a dog on high alert? That’ll be your challenge!

Start out by helping your dog “find” the first egg or simply show him what it is. Once he’s discovered the goodies inside, encourage him to find the others!

Challenging your pet with some nose work does more than just encourage him to get moving, it’ll also stimulate his mind. Dogs are intelligent and benefit from training that keeps them engaged.  We like this one because it’s versatile enough to take to the park and ideal for playing inside your home.

Winter Safety Tips

Before you head for the door, here are a couple things to remember when you venture out with your canine friends this winter!

  • Consider your dog’s breed before sending them out into the snow. Some canines are naturally prepared for sub-zero temperatures, while others will need a little extra help to keep warm.
    • Short-haired pups, and even your outdoor-loving dogs, should wear protective garments to maintain their body temperature if they’re outside for long periods of time.
  • Protect their feet and skin, too! Salt, ice, and snow can damage the pads of your dog’s feet. Prevent them from the discomfort of cracked feet and itchy, dry skin by investing in booties, or applying a wax to their paws before heading out. Incorporate coconut oil into their diet to help keep skin hydrated during winter weather!
    • Did you know? Coconut oil is just one of the amazing ingredients in our Rawco blends.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Even if you frequent a park or trail regularly, the winter weather can pose additional risks to yourself and your beloved pup: Look out for frozen bodies of water, and make sure your pet is visible and close so that you can intervene if the need arises.

Dinner for Two, Please!

Whew! After all the snow, belly rubs, laughs, and exercise, you and your pup deserve a hearty dinner to refuel after a hard day’s play. Luckily, Rawco makes it easy for you to serve your pup a balanced meal in a flash, and our quality ingredients provide him with everything he needs to dash through the snow!

Our dogs express love in a variety of unique and adorable ways. So, this February, show (and tell) your pup how much you love them by trying something new together. Your pup can’t be wooed by diamonds or chocolates, but, we have just the thing to make their tails wag and hearts sing: visit our online store today to let Rawco help you create the perfect doggie date night, every night!

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