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Q: Why should I feed raw?
A: We have 7 reasons why you should feed raw, 7 benefits for your dog and 7 benefits of Rawco

Q: How do I feed Rawco to my pup?
A: Please see our 5 Easy Steps to Feeding

Q: My pup gulps food down?
A: This is not a terribly uncommon canine practice. First, dogs jaws don’t chew like human jaws. They are designed for crushing and slicing food to be swallowed. The eating ritual can be frightening for some pet owners which is why Rawco blends are finely ground down for easy swallowing convenience.

Q: Should I be feeding recreational bones?
A: Recreational bones are nature’s tooth brush. They aid in giving your pup pearly whites and exercising those jaw muscles. We recommend recreational bones based on your pups age and size. All recreational bones should always be served raw.

Q: My dogs water consumption has significantly decreased is this normal?
A: This is very normal because of the high moisture content in the food. The raw food will naturally allow the body to create bile for better digestion and maintain hydration.

Q: What about the calcium phosphorus ratio?
A: Naturally, animal bones and meat contain calcium and phosphorus that are important to a canines diet. Rawco’s blends are precisely measured and balanced to maintain the proper ratio for your dog.

Q: I am concerned about harmful bacteria?
A: Canines are equipped with a triple threat to bacteria: acidic stomachs, digestive enzymes in their saliva, and short digestive systems. Remember, dogs are not like humans. However, humans should always practice safe food handling whether it be your own, or your dogs. Wash your hands and serving areas thoroughly with soapy water and disinfectant.

Q: My pup is pooping a lot less?
A: This is not a bad thing! In fact, you should celebrate! Another very normal result of raw feeding. The food is being absorbed and used by the body, therefore there is less to come out at the other end.

Q: Can I feed kibble and raw?
A: We advise against doing this. It is hard on the body to digest a carbohydrate based food and then a meat based food. The body’s mother board starts sending off alarms of a system overload. The end result can be a very gasy, lethargic, uncomfortable and unhappy puppy.

Q: What are your containers made of, and are they recyclable?
A: Our containers are made from BPA free, food-friendly polypropylene. Containers and labels are both recyclable.