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7 Reasons why dogs were meant for raw food

◦  Dogs are carnivores

◦  They are equipped with sharp teeth for tearing and shearing meat

◦  They have powerful jaw muscles (even the toy breeds!) and heavy skulls that aid in eating meat

◦  Big elastic stomachs designed to hold meat, bone, organs, and hide

◦  They have a short digestive track for undesirable contents to pass through quickly

◦  Extremely acidic gut to break down meat and bone

◦  Their saliva contains an antibacterial enzyme called lysozyme

7 Reasons to feed your dog raw food

◦  Builds a stronger immune system and better metabolism

◦  Less stool and less odour

◦  Reduction or elimination of allergies and health issues

◦  Cuts down on drooling and water intake

◦  Soft and shiny coats

◦  White teeth and fresh breath

◦  Bright eyes

7 Reasons to serve your dog Rawco

◦  Each recipe is a species appropriate, balanced and fulfilling diet

◦  Our ingredients are sourced locally and from local farmers when in season

◦  All batches are made in small quantities to ensure quality control

◦  All batches are made with a Rawco owner

◦  We will customize a meal plan to serve your dogs needs

◦  All food is pre-portioned for thaw and serve convenience

◦  We deliver to your door